science years

Here I am in Denver giving a poster presentation about my geospatial research in isolated wetlands north of the Everglades when I was a master’s student at University of Florida. I completed a big master’s thesis and worked at UF with groups of researchers… it  was a 10 year journey at UF between the degree and the job. I now find myself motivated to affect people’s personal journey in a more transformative way…. so am transitioning. I love teaching and guiding groups in themes of communication and self-awareness and I am interested in how  developmental trauma in childhood affects the adult psyche.  #transition   105-0576_IMG


Planning for change

This is my first post on my new blog… to share account of a new journey I have embarked on: leaving a secure job that uses many of my faculties of organization, ideas, science and management, but is short on some things I have come to realize I want in my daily life, and I can have them somewhere else. Plus, it’s just time for a break. 

I am planning to resign in a few weeks, making my last day October 31. Two weeks later I will drive to Atlanta, Nashville, and St. Louis, to be in my hometown, hanging out with my mother. We will do things for fun, and things for practicality. My father died in July, and she is sad and depressed. I feel it is time to go home and spend some real time being with her and my sisters… immersing myself in the family, and being of service there… instead of spending so much energy trying to help others at this university that don’t have time to be helped, and don’t have money to implement solutions… and working on water issues in Florida (although very interesting) where I am barely affecting anything of any importance. I am tired of old systems that are not working, and innovative ideas not finding any traction within these old systems where there is not a motivation to change, or listen or experiment with deeper communication or more meaningful teamwork.

My Mom and I will hang out. We will explore historic areas of St. Louis and take ourselves to lunch. I will take her to some foreign movies, so she can read subtitles and know what is going on. Maybe we will get some hearing aid adjustments at the doctor. I will write up some family history and plan the trips to Costa Rica, India, Thailand and Africa…  

I have managed to save some $… A friend of mine traveled for 6 months on $4000… I have more than that, so it is reassuring. 

In India I will travel with a friend and her husband, for a family visit in Haryana, or such. That is all that is planned with dates. I will see Delhi and Agra… and Mumbai, including Shah Rukh Khan’s house. Maybe he will have a coffee with me.

I will visit Amma’s ashram in Kerala… and visit parks conserving elephants…  I will go to Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh.